Creating 2D Mobile Game for Android & iOS with Corona SDK



Corona SDK is a cross-platform framework that allows developers to create 2D games and apps up to 10x faster than other platforms using easy-to-learn Lua.

Corona SDK also allows you to publish to all the major platforms which is , iOS (including tvOS), Android (including Android TV), Kindle, Windows Phone 8, Mac and Windows desktop.

Corona is used by professional programmers, mobile app developers, schools, colleges, and universities to develop and teach app development — and don’t forget people who just want to learn how to make an app or game.

Corona is easy enough to learn for those who are just starting, yet powerful enough for the experienced developer.So are ready for making your own Game and Published it?...Come and join us for this courses.

Syllabus Include :

  • Session 1 – Hello Corona!

    • Getting Started with CoronaSDK
    • Installing CoronaSDK on your Machine (Windows or Mac)
    • Introduction to Programming in Lua
    • Selecting the correct Text Editor IDE for CoronaSDK Programming
    • Walkthrough Corona SDK Software

    Session 2 – 10 Minutes Of Code

    • Starting a Project
    • Including Images
    • Loading the Background
    • Loading the Platform
    • Loading the Assets
    • Adding Physics
    • Functions
    • Events

    Session 3 – The Game Begins!

    • Designing Our First Game
    • Creating Game Element Using Photoshop/pixlr
    • Convert the image size & Pixels to Corona Project
    • Creating the Project
    • Physics Setup
    • Random Seed
    • Including Images
    • Loading Image Sheets
    • Initializing Variables
    • Using Display Groups
    • Loading the Background
    • Loading the Assets
    • Lives and Score

    Session 4 – The Game Setup

    • Creating Assets
      • Placement
      • Movement
      • Rotation
    • Firing Mechanics
      • Placement
      • Movement
      • Cleanup
    • Moving the Assets
      • Touch Phases
    • Game Loop
      • Assets Cleanup
      • Loop Timer
    • Collision Handling
      • Restoring the Assets
      • Collision Function
      • Collision Listener
  • Session 5 – Creating Scene And Understanding the Flow

    • Game Flow
    • Scene Management
    • Menu Scene
      • Accessible Code
      • Scene Events
      • Scene Creation

    Session 6 – Moving the Game to Composer / Director

    • Scene Structure
    • Accessible Code
      • Physics Setup
      • Image Sheet
      • Initial Variables
      • Display Groups
      • Game Functions
    • Creating the Scene
    • Showing the Scene
      • Phases and Transitions
    • Hiding the Scene
      • Event Link-Up
    • Scene Cleanup

    Session 7 – Beat your High Scores

    • Composer-Accessible Data
    • High Scores Scene
    • Loading Data
    • Saving Data
    • Displaying High Scores
    • Leaving the Scene

    Session 8- Publishing

    • Building your Own Games
    • Learn To make Keystore
    • Uploading to GooglePlay Store

Who Should Attend :
Developers, Animator, or anyone who wants to create both Mobile Apps and Games for Android, iOS and Windows without learning different platforms.

Duration :
3 Hours 10.00 am to 1.00 pm

An Intel Notebook with minimum 8GB RAM (4GB is minimum but will be slow) and a fast processor is all you need to get started or Intel Macbook with Mavericks (OSX 10.9 & higher) . Advisable to bring your own notebook. We will install all the necessary Software for you to start to code


Game Have Been Made Using Corona SDK:
1. Squid Bandit
2. BuahPlay

More Info Go to Our Website:

Sat Feb 11, 2017
10:00 AM - 1:00 PM MYT
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